Gray•Duffy successfully obtains a dismissal of its client in a motor vehicle accident.

December 2016


Patrick Roberts of Gray•Duffy successfully obtained a dismissal against its client in connection with a motor vehicle accident.


Trujillo v. Cardiel

This litigation arose out of a traffic collision which occurred on January 16, 2013 at the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and North Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. This was a three car collision. Plaintiff Dorothy Trujillo contends that she was rear-ended and injured in the accident by defendant Royal Airline Linen. She further contended that she also impacted by the firm’s client, Bell Cab Company’s vehicle.

Gray•Duffy contended throughout the litigation that plaintiff Trujillo was not injured by any contact with Bell Cab Company’s vehicle, but Royal Airline Linen was the sole cause of the accident. Royal Airline Linen contested this issue and this matter proceeded through discovery.

At deposition, Gray•Duffy was able to obtain relevant admissions from the plaintiff (contrary to prior discovery requests submitted by her) that the firm’s client was not involved in any way in connection with the accident. Thereafter, plaintiff settled with Royal Airline Linen, and the firm was able to obtain a dismissal with prejudice of its client, Bell Cab and its driver, without any financial payment to the plaintiff.

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