Gray•Duffy, LLP, in conjunction with attorney Jeffrey Slott, Esq. obtains a full dismissal of client, a retail kitchen and bathroom products company, in wrongful death lawsuit claiming asbestos exposure.

January 2017


Rene M. Faucher of Gray•Duffy, LLP, working in conjunction with Jeffrey Slott, Esq., successfully positioned the plaintiffs to provide a dismissal of the client, a retail kitchen and bathroom products company. The client was alleged to have sold asbestos containing products that contaminated work clothes of multiple family members exposing the wife/mother resulting in her death.


A family of five filed a lawsuit against Snyder-Diamond, Inc. and approximately 50 other companies for the death of their wife/mother from malignant mesothelioma as a result of exposure from the mid 1960’s to the late 1980’s to asbestos from defendants’ asbestos, asbestos-containing products and/or products designed to be used in association with asbestos products.

Comprehensive written discovery was served on the plaintiffs. When confronted with multiple motions to compel responses seeking evidence in support of the plaintiff’s claims, plaintiff’s counsel finally responded to attempts to meet and confer. Before the depositions of the plaintiffs were taken, plaintiffs agreed to dismiss Snyder-Diamond, Inc.

Snyder-Diamond, Inc. also sought the assistance of defense counsel in identifying insurance coverage and obtaining reimbursement of attorneys’ fees and costs. Mr. Faucher worked with Snyder-Diamond’s insurance broker and multiple insurance agents in identifying possible insurance coverage, giving notice of the claim and following up to obtain a response. Eventually, the carrier, Allianz Insurance Company, agreed to consider the invoices for fees and costs paid by Snyder-Diamond and thereafter reimbursed the client for all their fees and costs.

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