Gray•Duffy, LLP successfully negotiates nominal settlement in worker’s compensation subrogation claim

March 2017


Matt Shore, of Gray•Duffy’s Encino, CA office, represented Bragg Crane Service in a subrogation lawsuit filed by American Claims Management, Inc. for Everest National Insurance Co. for recovery of worker’s compensation benefits paid to an employee of its insured, Diego Guzman, an ironworker.


American Claims Mgmt. V. Bragg Crane Service

In this matter, discovery showed that the injured worker had apparently wrapped a tag line around his left thumb. He was then injured when his hand or thumb became pinched in between the tag line and was lifted 8 feet for several seconds after his co-worker signaled the crane to begin a lift. As a result of this information, the plaintiff reduced its claim and offered to settle the case for $5,000. Gray•Duffy then subsequently served a CCP 998 offer for a waiver of costs/fees. Shortly thereafter, the plaintiff agreed to accept $1,000 to settle the case.

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