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“Erin Tenner initially represented me when I bought my Buick GMC dealership. I was so pleased with the result, I again turned to her for the negotiation of a real property purchase and to handle most of my ongoing corporate matters. Erin’s knowledge and experience has literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars. She is incredibly thorough and takes the time to explain complex concepts so that I can make informed decisions about how I wanted to proceed. I trust Erin’s process and know she’s always putting my interests first. I highly recommend Erin to anyone buying a dealership or with business transaction needs.”

– Terry Gilmore, Owner Paradise Buick GMC/Owner Paradise1 Insurance Services

“I’ve known Gary Gray for nearly three decades and have always appreciated the way he operates. Not only is Gary a skilled attorney, he also ensures Gray•Duffy runs as a sound business. Gary is proactive in providing me with pertinent financial information and I appreciate his responsiveness in related matters. I have a lot of trust in Gary and would recommend his firm if you’re seeking high-level legal representation at a reasonable rate.”

-John N., Finance Professional​

“I met Gary Gray and John Duffy as a tenant in the same office building 15 years ago, and as I got to know the firm over time, I liked what I saw. Gray•Duffy has an exceptional reputation, and offers integrity and open communication to its clients. I’ve had the opportunity to refer numerous personal injury and breach of contract matters to the firm, as well as serve as co-counsel on a very successful personal injury case. I can say that Gray•Duffy truly puts clients first and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the firm.”

-Jay Tanenbaum, Law Offices of Jay Tanenbaum

“We were involved with a contractor dispute and hired Gray•Duffy through our insurance company to represent us in litigation. The matter required numerous depositions and attorney Mike Eisenbaum was organized and relentless throughout the entire process. I appreciated the level of communication and open dialogue Mike provided, and was happy with the outcome. I have continued to utilize Mike and the Gray•Duffy team on additional work since the case.”

-Steve Crandal, Director, Prime Coatings Inc.

“I have used Erin Tenner for years in multiple transactions, most recently with the sale of four franchises in Northern California. In every case she covered territory others would not. She treats each deal as if it were her own, not just a task to mark time on. In one sale prior to 2008, she was able to get the manufacturer to release us on a lease that ended up being trouble later and would have been catastrophic for me if I had not gotten that release. I would have never asked, assuming the answer would have been a no, but Erin not only thought of it, she got it done. I never leave her without her!”

-Ken Ross, Team Chevrolet

“As a business owner, I’ve learned that if an employment issue arises, discretion is vital. John Duffy of Gray•Duffy exercised the discretion we needed, while being extremely professional, very thorough and easy to talk to. Most importantly, I was exceptionally pleased with the results he obtained for me. I would highly recommend Gray•Duffy to other businesses.”

-David Darrow, President of Darrow Heating and Air

“David Fisher came highly recommended for developing two limited liability companies from the ground up. He was very hands on and informative throughout the entire process. I appreciated the fact that he is driven and focused. David is a great people person and I would definitely recommend him to others.”

-William “Mickey” Stevenson, Client, Songwriter and record producer, Motown Records

“Gray•Duffy, LLP and Nathan Lee are extremely professional and prompt, and always get right to the heart of the matter. No stone was left unturned. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality counsel. I would definitely retain them again in the future.”

-Alan Friedson, Client

“Michael Eisenbaum did a great job representing us, searching for the facts, making recommendations, and hiring a private investigator. He was always very informative, timely, and expedient in returning emails. Michael really showed diligence in preparing the case and reaching out to the prosecuting attorney in an attempt to resolve it. It was a pleasure working with him.”

-Harry Daglas, Client

“Erin represented me when I bought my Mercedes, BMW, GM, Volvo and Subaru dealership. It was great having someone on our team who has handled hundreds auto dealership transfers. She was able to help us coordinate all the manufacturers, landlords and lenders and deal with several road bumps we encountered along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a dealership!”

-Jerry Pajouh, Courtesy Automotive Group

“I contacted Gray•Duffy when I was selling my partnership in a pawnshop. This was my first experience dealing with an attorney and when I went in for an interview, I instantly knew I was at the right place. Attorney David Fisher guided me through each step. Every time I needed to contact him, I received responses very quickly. I don’t even know the words to say how wonderful, confident, and secure I felt with Gray•Duffy. I really feel I was guided to the perfect place.”

-Sylvia Sill, Client

“Michelle MacDonald of Gray•Duffy worked relentlessly throughout my racial discrimination case. Her diligence and integrity during the proceedings brought the case to a positive closure. I was guided through each step and included during the processes which greatly calmed my nerves. I would highly recommend the attorneys at Gray•Duffy to handle a similar claim as mine, as the vast attention to detail and extreme support brought immense success.”

-Anthony Daniel

“It was a pleasure working with Michael Eisenbaum throughout the legal process in our personal injury case. The case was completed successfully and Michael kept us well informed throughout, not to mention he was extremely easy to work with. All in all, Gray•Duffy was dependable and we were more than satisfied with the results. I am happy to recommend the firm and am confident the attorneys at Gray•Duffy will do their best to succeed in any endeavor you present to them.”

-Anthony Lappas, Client

“Erin has been my General Counsel … for over 20 years. …Erin is extremely thorough, detail oriented and creative. Erin is unusual in that she is a Deal Maker not a Deal Breaker. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone in need of an experienced general contract or business attorney.”

-Dan Sheridan, Sheridan Family Partnership

“Gray•Duffy has a strong working knowledge of our industry and how the various participants in insurance relate to each other, both in a business and in a legal sense. Mike Eisenbaum is very easy to communicate with and very helpful in the work he’s done for us, especially in a business that doesn’t know a time clock, he’s always made himself available. I am very impressed with the results I received from Gray•Duffy. This is an effective law firm that we found has efficiently helped us through a myriad of problems.”

-Sam Alexander, Managing Director and Risk Manager, Brown & Riding Insurance

“I’ve known Barry Brown on a personal level for countless years. I have retained him to represent me on two construction litigation projects. He was a great asset to my legal team, and ultimately helped me secure a settlement that was, at the time, the largest residential construction award in our county. I know I’m in great hands when Barry is handling my case, and I have the highest regard for him and for the firm. I would recommend Gray•Duffy wholeheartedly.”

-Barbara Caulley, Client

“David Fisher possesses an exceptional amount of knowledge regarding all aspects of real estate law from breach of contract to foreclosures and real estate litigation. As an attorney myself, he is the first person I turn to with any real estate-related matters and I take comfort in knowing that he will have an answer. My experience working with David has been phenomenal and because of that, I do not hesitate to refer him cases.”

-Omid Razi, Attorney, Razi Law Group, a Professional Law Corporation

“Erin Tenner has always protected my interests. She helped me when I bought a minority interest in my first Toyota dealership and represented me as I built and ran the dealership, advising me on construction, employee, customer, compliance and factory issues. Then, she worked with me to get the best deal I could when I sold. She has always done a great job for me with my dealership and with other businesses as well. I highly recommend her.”

– Dan Atwood, President of Atwood & Andrews, Inc.

“I have engaged Gary Gray’s services countless times over the past three decades. He has always been my go-to-guy for no-nonsense legal advice and guidance. He provides a straightforward, honest evaluation of every case, and always stays involved and in touch. When I call on Gary, I can count on the fact that things will be done right the first time. He’s a great guy and a tremendous attorney.”

-Scott Stedman, President, State Street Claims

“John Duffy was very patient and took the time to listen to me and answer my questions regarding the lawsuit I was involved in. I never felt lost or rushed during the course of our two-year professional involvement. Despite the fact that it was my first experience navigating a lawsuit, I felt very comfortable with him. He always returned my calls promptly and took the time to explain things to me thoroughly. I’ve already referred others to him on several occasions, and I would use his services again in a heartbeat.”

-Kathyjo McCloskey, Client in Los Angeles

“David Fisher made our legal challenges very easy by keeping us informed and communicating with us. He is excellent at explaining the situation and providing his advice. He’s a go-getter, he knows what he’s doing and he has a good head on his shoulders. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

-Steve Almany, Construction Company Owner

“Erin helped me when I decided to sell my auto dealership. We had several bumps in the road, but none that became obstacles thanks to Erin’s knowledge, experience and ability to navigate difficult situations. I am very happy with the deal we put together. I don’t know if we would have gotten it done without her.”

-George McCall, Toyota Central

“I engage David Fisher of Gray•Duffy for difficult, highly contentious matters. David is an incredible advocate for his clients and displays an unparalleled understanding of niches areas of real estate law. His level of knowledge and responsiveness helps cut to the chase on matters saving both time and money for myself and my clients.”

-Neal Rosenthal, Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA

“We engaged John Duffy of Gray•Duffy at the recommendation of a Superior Court Judge after being disgruntled by the attorney who was handling our matter. John was able to quickly take over and resolve all of our problems. Our experience was 100% positive; I could not ask for a better attorney. He is efficient, conscientious and ethical – three words that are not typically associated with those in the legal profession! I’ve already recommended Gray•Duffy, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

-Ben Benoit, CEO, Cells Masters Incorporated

“I began referring defense cases to Gray•Duffy based on recommendations from other claims handlers who said they were a great firm to work with. The attorneys are professional and they have the expertise necessary to handle complex claims. Gray•Duffy provides both effective litigation management and successful resolution of the cases they handle on our behalf. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a firm like Gray•Duffy because it makes my job easier.”

-Diana Ybarra, Senior Claims Representative, Lincoln General Insurance Company

“David Fisher helped guide us through the process of purchasing several stores. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. Thanks to him, everything went smoothly. He is a great person and a great attorney, and I have recommended him to many people.”

-Diane Taylor, Co-owner of Traders Loan and Jewelry, Inc.

“We hired Gray•Duffy through our insurance company for a litigation matter. Attorneys Mike Eisenbaum and Pat Roberts handled my case in a competent and efficient manner. I was particularly impressed with Mike’s skills as a litigator and the results he delivered, and therefore have continued to retain them for my various legal needs. My experience working with the firm has been great and I would certainly recommend their services to others.”

-Jeh Meher, President, USA Fitness

“Gary Gray helped us incorporate Tile Trends in 1975 and we’ve been working with him since. I cannot express the amount of trust and confidence that my company has for Gray•Duffy. They possess extreme competence born from years of experience, and their legal team is a well-oiled machine that gets things done – and done right. I recommend them without hesitation.”

-David Costanzo, President, Tile Trends//TT Commercial

“My experience working with Gray•Duffy has been very positive. It started approximately 15 years ago with a construction issue that we had and since then, it has evolved into them handling all my legal matters. They’ve met all my expectations and all their people are professional and have done an excellent job for me.”

Ron Udall, President, Tyler Development Corporation

“Our firm brought David Fisher onboard to help us resolve some difficult litigation issues. He was extremely professional, handled our business well and ushered the case to a positive conclusion despite the adversity. On a personal level, he is delightful and a true gentleman. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

-David Horne, President, First Capital Corp.

“My relationship with the firm is far more than just an attorney-client relationship. Gray•Duffy acts as a business consultant on many levels in addition to my legal matters.”

-Dana Kemp, President of Masonry Concepts

“I engaged Rick Williams with Gray•Duffy when my company had a conflict with the bank regarding some real estate loans and a personal guaranty. Rick is a dedicated and trustworthy advisor who is interested in protecting his clients’ rights above all else. In fact, he treats his clients more like friends than business associates. I would recommend him to anyone.”

-Farhad Hariri, President, Belfiore Cheese Company

“Ed Scott and Michelle MacDonald have excellent reputations and a strong rapport with their fellow attorneys, mediators, and judges, a fact which has helped our cases reach resolution quickly and economically. Ed and Michelle have done an outstanding job of meeting the strict legal guidelines in the insurance industry. I would recommend them to any insurance carrier in need of proactive attorneys who are also personable and pleasant to work with, and I look forward to working with them myself in the future.”

-Sherry Kretzer, Lincoln General Insurance Company

“Working with David Fisher was a great experience. He is very thorough and aggressive with the opposing counsel. In addition to his considerable professional dedication, he has a good working personality and always made me feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who has a need for him.”

-Michael Sharpe, Senior National Sales Director, Primerica Financial Services

“I’ve known Rick Williams with Gray•Duffy in both a personal and a professional capacity for a very long time, and I find his integrity to be impeccable. He doesn’t look for reasons to fight; he looks for ways to resolve issues so that everyone involved can move on favorably. I regularly refer him to clients who need legal help. He is a great representative for anyone who is lucky enough to have him on their team.”

-Corrie Foos, Archway Insurance Brokers, LLC

“I recommend Gray•Duffy to other insurance professionals because they provide high-quality legal counsel that translates into excellent results for their insured clients, while effectively managing costs associated with litigation.”

-Claudia Johnson, Claims Manager, WESTCAP Insurance Services

Dennis Zermeno
President, OST Trucks and Cranes, Inc.

Kathleen Corbin
Client, Los Angeles

“Our firm brought David Fisher onboard to help us resolve some difficult litigation issues. He was extremely professional, handled our business well and ushered the case to a positive conclusion despite the adversity. On a personal level, he is delightful and a true gentleman. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

-David Horne, President, First Capital Corp.

“My experience working with David Fisher has been outstanding. He’s responsible and is always available to his clients. I would definitely recommend him to someone else, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. He’s a great attorney and a great guy.”

-Helen Levinson, President, Levon Professional Services, Inc.

“I trust Rick Williams with Gray•Duffy because of his commitment to problem solving, rather than simply leaving the bulk of the burden on the clients’ shoulders. His intelligence and familiarity in a range of subject matter allows him to take a proactive stance in the legal process. Rick and the team at Gray•Duffy actually move the pieces on the chessboard in order to help me get where I need to go, rather than just advising me on the law.”

-Jeff Lindeman, Chief Financial Officer and General Manager, Mountain View Cemetery Association

“I have known David Fisher for more than 30 years; he is the most knowledgeable attorney on the laws of the collateral loan industry in the entire state of California. I trust him with my personal legal affairs, as well as my business. He can be tough when you want him to be and a voice of reason when you need him to.”

-Sam Shocket, Owner, King’s Jewelry and Loan

“Gray•Duffy’s knowledge and impressive reputation quieted the anxiety that came with a serious but unfamiliar legal process. A very high level of professionalism was seen in the thoroughness of their courteous attention to my needs as a client”

-Helen, Retired College Teacher

“My experience working with David Fisher has been one of the highlights of my 33 years in business. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law, and he is a great friend and an outstanding human being. I recommend his services with all of my heart; I would even recommend him to my own children!”

-Mahin Hakak, CEO and Founder, Beverly Hills Image Maker

These endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.