Gray·Duffy Obtains Favorable Dismissal for McDonald’s

April 2011


Kevin M. Cruz of Gray·Duffy’s Encino office successfully negotiated a dismissal of McDonald’s located Inside a Wal-Mart Store in a slip and fall lawsuit.


Perez v. Wal-Mart, et al.

In January 2010, plaintiff Lucas R. Perez filed a complaint against Gray·Duffy’s client who owned and operated a McDonald’s restaurant located inside of a Wal-Mart. The plaintiff alleged that in February 2009, he slipped and fell on a McDonald’s food wrapper inside of the Wal-Mart in Palmdale, California. The plaintiff claimed approximately $16,000 in past medical bills and $45,00 in future surgery expenses.

After Gray·Duffy attorney Kevin Cruz established McDonald’s did not contribute to causing the plaintiff’s injuries, Wal-Mart agreed to defend McDonald’s, and ultimately settled with the plaintiff for $25,000, including a release of all claims against McDonald’s.

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