Gray•Duffy Convinces Plaintiff to Dismiss Client in Construction Defect Lawsuit

May 2013


Barry Brown of Gray•Duffy’s Redwood City office secured a dismissal in a construction defect lawsuit on behalf of the firm’s client involving a multi-unit residential building in San Francisco.


Gray•Duffy represented Reid Heating & Energy, Inc. in a construction defect lawsuit filed by 741/745 Clement Street Homeowners Association against various contractors.  Reid Heating & Energy was responsible for the installation of the radiant heating system, and boiler and holding tanks for the hot water system.  Although there were allegations of problems involving inadequate heating and delivery of hot water, the plaintiff was unable to provide any evidence of defects in the work performed by Reid Heating & Energy.  As a result of Mr. Brown’s extensive negotiations, the plaintiff finally agreed to dismiss Reid Heating & Energy from the lawsuit.

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