Gray•Duffy, LLP Settles Construction Defect Claim for Minimal Amount for Water Intrusion and Wood Fungus Issues

October 2013


Michelle MacDonald of Gray•Duffy’s Encino office obtained a favorable resolution of a single-family construction defect matter on behalf of the finish carpenter. The case involved a significant dispute as to the scope of his work.


Landsberg v. Dorin Construction

This litigation involved the construction of a single-family home in Santa Monica, California. Gray•Duffy’s client, a finish carpenter, was originally retained to build and install an elaborate entertainment unit on an exterior patio, as well as the framing for a small gabled roof over the kitchen door.

The plaintiffs claimed that our client also built a large patio cover which allegedly caused significant water intrusion into the interior of the home and also provided a conduit for a wood fungus known as Porrea.

Ultimately after several rounds of mediation and judicial settlement conferences, this matter was globally resolved. Because the terms of the settlement are confidential, they cannot be specifically disclosed. However, Gray•Duffy’s client paid less than half of one percent of the entire settlement.

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