Gray•Duffy secures removal of defamatory advertisement.

August 2017


This was a non-litigated matter. The client, Mr. Crane, Inc., was subcontracted to perform crane work with multiple mobile cranes at the new Broadcom Campus located in Irvine, California. A fatality incident occurred while one of the cranes was operating, which was not the fault of the crane operator. The project was subject to a confidentiality agreement, which prohibited the use of photography or videos without the Owner’s consent. Mr. Crane, Inc. thereafter learned that the Larry H. Parker law firm had filmed and broadcast an advertisement on KTTV, which prominently displayed one of Mr. Crane, Inc.’s cranes while working at the Project.


A Cease and Desist letter was sent to the law offices of Larry H. Parker regarding the television advertisement which was shown on KTTV. Gray•Duffy then received a telephone call from Ronald Beck, Esq. for the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. After discussing several options, Larry H. Parker agreed to withdraw the advertisement and retire it. Counsel for Larry H. Parker confirmed that the advertisement was withdrawn and retired.

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