Gray•Duffy achieves dismissal of client at trial in trip and fall accident case.

July 2018


Richard M. Williams, Nathan B. Lee, and Kathryn M. Camerlengo of Gray•Duffy represented Long Beach Wings, LLC as a defendant in a trip and fall personal injury case.


Padilla et al. v. Long Beach Wings, LLC

Plaintiff Andy Mendez (minor, age 6) was injured at a Hooters restaurant in Long Beach, California on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015. Plaintiff Andy Mendez was unaccompanied, unsupervised and had been running inside of the restaurant, immediately prior to sustaining a leg injury.

Gray•Duffy defended its client Long Beach Wings, LLC vigorously throughout this litigation matter.  After conducting depositions, Gray•Duffy propounded several rounds of written discovery to the Plaintiff, which went unanswered. Gray•Duffy aggressively engaged in discovery motions, seeking and obtaining court orders compelling the Plaintiff to provide discovery responses, and ordering the Plaintiff to pay monetary damages to Long Beach Wings, LLC.  At trial, the case was resolved in favor of Long Beach Wings, LLC when the Plaintiff allowed the case to simply be dismissed.

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