Gray•Duffy Recovers $50,000 for Victim of Pharmaceutical Negligence

May 2012


Rick Williams of Gray•Duffy’s Redwood City office negotiated a $50,000 settlement on behalf of the firm’s client, who was sold contraindicated medications by CVS Caremark Pharmacy.


Rick Williams represented an individual who brought suit against CVS Caremark Pharmacy for providing negligent and potentially life threatening advice about contraindicated medications. The plaintiff sought advice about over-the-counter cold remedies and was told by the CVS pharmacist that they were not contraindicative to the prescription medications he was taking for a separate medical condition.  Based on the pharmacist’s advice, the plaintiff took the over-the-counter medicine which resulted in cardiac problems, requiring several emergency room visits over the course of several months. CVS refused to settle until Mr. Williams obtained and utilized a security video, which showed the pharmacist informing the plaintiff that the over-the-counter medications were not contraindicated and were appropriate for his use.  The pharmacist previously denied giving such advice.

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