Personal Injury and Property Damage Litigation

Gray•Duffy, LLP represents selected individuals and companies in connection with a variety of personal injury and property damage claims. Our experienced attorneys have handled cases involving a multitude of factual circumstances and resulting injuries to virtually every part of the human body. Bodily injuries can result from any number of causes, including automobile accidents, falls on private and public property, assault and battery (and other criminal acts), workplace and construction accidents, dog bites, dangerous conditions and products, or an array of unfortunate events. High-value property losses may involve industrial, commercial and residential properties, heavy equipment or other vehicles, and large scale mechanical or electrical devices. Damage to property can occur in a wide range of situations, such as fire, accidents and earth movement, and can involve multiple parties. This is why you need to seek out a skilled Personal Injury Lawyer to help manage the case. Our attorneys handle their cases from inception through trial and appeal if necessary, and have established an exceptional track record on behalf of our clients. They are trained to recognize, address and respond to the unique circumstances of each case, so that favorable results can be achieved on behalf of our clients. If you need help from a personal injury attorney in Houston, you might want to speak with The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian. Please contact Gray•Duffy for additional information regarding personal injury cases. You will be directed to one of our skilled attorneys who practice in this area. Need help from a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer in Missouri? You may want to contact personal injury attorneys at Sansone & Lauber for help with your potential claim.

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