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Whether you are contemplating starting a new business or have issues with your ongoing business, our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. We work closely with our business owner clients to fully understand their business goals and objectives, offering sound advice and creative solutions. It’s important to know that as a business owner, you can’t do everything yourself. Many business owners now get help from lawyers, online resources, and accountants like Dave Burton to aid them in anything they don’t fully understand. There is absolutely no shame in outsourcing help and accepting that you can’t always do everything yourself. It is important that you place the security of your business at the top of your priorities. Consequentially, Eatel Business Security offers a wide variety of services that could be of use to business owners. We are committed to keeping our business owner clients apprised of legal updates and news that could affect their business. Below we’ve included relevant articles, an overview of common issues on construction defect claims and results we’ve achieved for clients. We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please call us at (818) 907-4000. Practice Articles
  • Employers Should Consider a Prescription Drug Use Policy to Avoid a Lawsuit Published in Workforce
    • This article discusses the liability that can be attached to an employer if an employee causes an accident while impaired by an undetected use or misuse of legal prescription drugs. When can employers require disclosure of prescription drug use and what privacy rights do employees have?
  • Brushing Up On California Wage & Hour Laws
    • This article provides an overview of California overtime, minimum wage, pay periods, paid sick leave, meal and rest break requirements and other wage and hour laws employers should be aware of to ensure compliance.
Click here to view all articles. Overview of Common Issues in Construction Defect Claims – Spring 2018 Edition This source book serves as a quick reference to particular issues that may arise when analyzing claims within the dynamic field of construction defect litigation. While its focus is primarily on California decisional and statutory law, many of the cases comment on out-of-state authorities dealing with the topics under consideration. Click here to download. Representative Case Results Click here to view all case results.

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