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Commercial and Personal Auto

Gray•Duffy, LLP has represented a wide range of commercial transportation entities and their insurance carriers, including limousine service companies, bus companies, trucking companies, emergency vehicles, Metropolitan transit, and commercial fuel transportation companies. We develop and implement an aggressive defense litigation strategy plan at the outset of each case, and with our knowledge and experience we can take the case through trial and appeal, when necessary. Our firm maintains an extensive library and database of the top liability, medical, and scientific experts across the country. We represent individuals, local and small businesses, as well as national and international corporations, and take pride in the results we achieve for our clients. If you are an owner of a trucking fleet, making sure you subscribe to eld compliance can help you manage your fleet effectively in any case that may need to be put forward.

Please contact Gray•Duffy, LLP for additional information regarding commercial and personal auto. You will be directed to one of our attorneys who practice in this area. References are available.

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