Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith

Gray•Duffy, LLP represents insurance carriers and policyholders in disputes arising out of the interpretation of insurance policies, and provides clients with a comprehensive, well-reasoned analysis of the obligations and duties of the parties under the terms of a given insurance policy. We provide coverage opinions based upon our thorough knowledge and research of the applicable law to provide our clients with guidelines and opinions regarding potential issues that may arise between the parties.

Our experienced litigation attorneys represent clients in coverage litigation, as well as bad faith actions. We evaluate each case and devise strategies to bring the matter to a successful conclusion, seeking an effective and efficient resolution. We have considerable experience in the mediation of such disputes; however, when a case cannot be resolved through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys have extensive trial experience to bring the matter to a successful conclusion before a jury.

Please contact Gray•Duffy, LLP for additional information regarding our Insurance Coverage and Bath Faith practice area. You will be directed to one of our attorneys who practice in this area. References are available.

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