Gray•Duffy Prevents Crane Company Client from Being Named in Construction Defect Lawsuit

September 2012


Barry Brown of Gray•Duffy’s Redwood City office aptly convinced the general contractor not to sue the firm’s client, Bragg Crane & Rigging, in a multi-party construction defect lawsuit.


Venture Professional Center v. VPC – Hercules, LP Gray•Duffy’s client, Bragg Crane & Rigging entered into a subcontract agreement with the general contractor, Lusardi Construction Company, for construction work involving a two-story tilt up building with tenant and site improvements. The plaintiff alleged a variety of construction defects and damages related to the construction work, and filed suit against Lusardi. Lusardi then filed a cross-complaint against various subcontractors, but agreed not to name Bragg Crane & Rigging after Barry Brown of Gray•Duffy successfully articulated Bragg’s lack of any connection to the construction problems being alleged by the plaintiffs.

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