Gray•Duffy obtains favorable arbitration award in favor of general contractor in a Contractors State License Board Arbitration matter.

May 2017


Patrick Roberts of Gray•Duffy was retained by the carrier for general contractor in connection with providing a defense to a voluntary Contractors State License Board arbitration proceeding, which was presided over by arbitrator, Tom Craigo. The homeowners sought over $85,000 and were awarded only $5,387.


Abigail Slotkin v. Alex Griswold

Homeowner and her experts opined at arbitration that the cost of repair was in excess of $85,000 and they were entitled to the maximum arbitration award of $50,000. It was alleged that there were significant defects in every facet of the construction, including flooring, cabinets, tile work, as well as framing. Although there were a few issues with the work, evidence was presented that the cost of repairing the defects was far less than the amount claimed.

The matter proceeded to an all-day arbitration on January 31, 2017. After considering hundreds of pages of evidence and testimony of numerous witnesses, the arbitrator rendered a final arbitration award in the amount of $5,387 in favor of the homeowner, which was a small fraction of the amount claimed.

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