California Auto Dealer: Negotiation Do’s and Don’ts

September 2017

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Negotiation Do’s and Don’ts

Erin K. Tenner

Negotiation is about asking questions to find out what the other party can do, is willing to do, and to find common ground where an agreement can be reached. Many find negotiating stressful because it involves a lot of back and forth, but you have to know what you want and that you can get it. It’s also important to understand that the final agreement may come in a different package than the one you expected.

Click here to learn about negotiating do’s and don’ts to have a smooth transaction and get the outcome you want. 

 Protecting the Corporate Veil
Make sure you are increasing the chances you will prevail if someone tries to pierce your corporation’s veil, and hold shareholders liable for corporate debt.

Click here to see a checklist. 

New I-9 Form Required – Avoid Costly Mistakes
Effective September 1, 2017, all employers are required to update their I-9 forms to a new form.  Failing to fill out I-9 forms properly can result in costly penalties. 

Click here to learn more about I-9 form compliance. 

Are Dealers Required to Provide Hand Controls to 
Disabled Customers for Test Drives? 
A recent California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case ruled that at least some auto dealers may be required to provide reasonable access to hand controls to disabled drivers who cannot use foot controls.  The big question is, how does a dealer determine whether they may need to make an accommodation?

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Financial and Legal Issues Affecting Multi-Franchise Buy/Sells

Looking forward to leading the panel “Financial and Legal Issues Affecting Multi-Franchise Buy/Sells” at the National Association of Dealer Counsel Fall Conference. The presentation will examine the issues that arise during the transfer of a multi-franchise auto dealership from the standpoint of the lawyer, accountant and dealer. The issues discussed will include rights of first refusal, dealer agreements, and personal goodwill and how these issues impact the transaction.

The conference is being held October 22-24, 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton, Chicago, IL. Learn more about the program here.

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Please Note: This article is necessarily general in nature and is not a substitute for legal advice with respect to any particular case. Readers should consult with an attorney before taking any action affecting their interests.