Register Now! Webinar: Buy Sells Part IV: Owners’ Agreements

October 2018

An owner’s agreement is an agreement among owners of a business that governs the relationships and rights of each owner of the business. The type of agreement you have depends on the legal form of your business. Join Gray Duffy Partner Erin K. Tenner on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 11:00 am for a complimentary webinar “Buy Sells Part IV: Owners’ Agreements.” The webinar will examine:

  • Types of owners’ agreements.
  • Consequences of not having an owners’ agreement.
  • What must be included in a properly drafted agreement.
  • How owners’ agreements provisions protect businesses.

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Please Note: This article is necessarily general in nature and is not a substitute for legal advice with respect to any particular case. Readers should consult with an attorney before taking any action affecting their interests.