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November 2018

Over 30 Years of Handling Buy/Sells for New Car Dealers
   November 2018 
Pre-Employment Drug Testing – A Thing of the Past?

As an employer, do you know if you can be held liable for hiring a person who tests positive for marijuana use? Understanding the correct procedures for pre-employment drug testing and your rights as an employer is imperative. 

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Considerations in Real Estate Transactions

Whenever you buy or sell an auto dealership, you either need to buy, sell or lease land. Learn how real estate fits into all three types of buy/sell agreements (asset transfers, stock transfers and owners’ agreements) and considerations for buyers and sellers.

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WEBINAR: Buy Sells Part IV: Owners’ Agreements

An owner’s agreement is an agreement among owners of a business that governs the relationships and rights of each owner of the business. The type of agreement you have depends on the legal form of your business. “Buy Sells Part IV: Owners’ Agreements” examines:
  • Types of owners’ agreementsshareholders agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements.
  • Consequences of not having an owner’s agreement.
  • What must be included in a properly drafted agreement.
  • How owners’ agreements provisions protect businesses.

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