So You Think You Know The Law

May 2019

TRUE OR FALSE? If an endorsement has “arising out of” language, this only requires “minimal causation.” True. This is sufficient without the named insured being at fault or otherwise responsible. TRUE OR FALSE? In regards to the CG 20 33, additional insured coverage will extend to both persons/organizations with which the named insured has a direct contract, as well as any other parties who are required to be insured in that contract, but who are not parties to that contract. False. Other parties listed in the contract will not have additional insured status under the CG 20 33 unless the named insured has directly contracted with that party. TRUE OR FALSE? If an excess policy includes as an insured anyone who was insured in the primary policy, this will result in excess coverage for the additional insured. True. Excess coverage will extend to the additional insured even if the contract did not require it.

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