Webinar: Who’s at Fault? Additional Insured Endorsements Can Shift Risk to Innocent Parties

October 2020

“Additional insured” clauses most often start with a contract requiring the first party to name the second party as an additional insured under the first party’s insurance policy. This is frequently found with or near a contract clause requiring the first party to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the second party. However, additional insured provisions can shift risk onto a not-at-fault party even when a hold harmless provision would not, or an “anti-indemnity” statute might prohibit it.

Join Partner Tim Thornton on November 12 at 10 am PST for a complimentary webinar to discuss insurance policy language developments and how insurers have rewritten endorsements for more precise underwriting. He will also cover:

• The most frequently litigated additional insured provisions.
• What “causal link” is sufficient to demonstrate fault.
• The effect of different additional insured endorsement language.
• How umbrella and excess policies may come into play.

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