Negotiations Lead to Roofer Paying 96% Less Than Original Demand in Lawsuit

December 2011


Pat Roberts of Gray•Duffy’s Encino office established that there was limited liability, which led the suing contractor to settle for 96% less than the original demand.


Ramzi Saba, et al. v. Corona Fullerton, LLC, et al.

After eight single-family homeowners in Corona, CA suffered roofing problems, they sued the developer responsible for the properties. The developer promptly resolved all issues with the homeowners and filed a cross-complaint against the roofing subcontractor suing for $102,386.

Gray•Duffy, representing the interests of the roofing subcontractor, immediately demanded that the developer produce complete documentation of the monies expended and the settlement allocations made. The developer was unable to produce the same to the satisfaction of the court.

While motions to compel the records were pending, the developer settled this matter for $4,000. The final settlement constituted less than 4% of the original demand proffered by the developer.

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