Gray•Duffy Successfully Settles Six Employment & Civil Rights Disputes for Over $1M

December 2019

In the past 18 months, partner George Camerlengo settled five employment claims and one civil rights violation, obtaining $1,195,000 for his clients. He settled five in mediation and one in private negotiations with opposing counsel.  

Two cases involved long-term public employees with claims of wrongful dismissal and disability discrimination. The other employment cases involved a farm mechanic in a wage & hour dispute; wrongful termination of a longtime employee in accounting services; and a salesperson alleging wrongful dismissal and unpaid commissions claims. The civil rights matter involved a claim of excessive force by a police officer against Gray•Duffy’s female plaintiff and bystander liability by members of her family who witnessed the incident.

In resolving these claims, Mr. Camerlengo protected his clients from the risks of trial, including expense, loss of control and delay, while at the same time securing them fair compensation for their losses.

Please Note: This article is necessarily general in nature and is not a substitute for legal advice with respect to any particular case. Readers should consult with an attorney before taking any action affecting their interests.